Strategic Advisory Services (SaS)

At HLG, we often advise our clients to leave 100% of their problems for us to manage and solve. In doing so, we do not remain Independent Consultants but rather step into our client’s shoes and manage their affairs as our own.

Transacti on Advisory Services (TaS)

Our strength lies in our In-depth Understanding of businesses in close partnership with our Clients. Long-term Sustainability and Mutual Profitability are the basic guiding forces for us to engage in any transaction at HLG. The success of a transaction for us is not based on short-term conclusion of a deal. Rather it’s imperative that we follow “The Going Concern Assumption” while assisting in any corporate finance transaction.


Market Entry Strategy Services (MESS)

While most prefer running away from a mess, at HLG we love saying, “Let us handle the MESS for you” to all our clients looking forward to entering India or any other country globally.

It’s our endeavor to provide a One-Stop Shop to all our clients who wish to explore new market spaces for the first time. With our years of varied experience in Indian and African emerging markets, we understand the hardships faced when entering these spaces. Therefore, it is our aim to facilitate a smooth entry and simplify operations.