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Growth of Our Work

HLG’s Mission is to ensure the achievement of its client’s goals and targets on an overall basis by following a Holistic Solutions Oriented Approach while taking care of the interests of all involved, including society and global communities at large.

In-depth Understanding

Our strength of businesses lies in close partnership with our Clients. Long-term Sustainability and Mutual Profitability are the basic guiding forces for us to engage.

Act as a bridge

To ensures minimal botheration to our clients in dealing with independent auditors, tax consultants, revenue authorities or government agencies.

dependent Consultants

We advise our clients to leave 100% of their problems for us so that, we step into our client’s shoes and manage their affairs as our own.

new age firm

We offers Strategic advisory, Transactions advisory and Market Entry Strategy services.

vast experience

The associates of the firm comes from multi-national audit and advisory firms like the Big 4.


Partner of Choice

Resource Sourcing with Turn-Around-Time as low as 10 – 15 days is the advantage that HLG’s clients enjoy always. The idea of ease of doing business in India provided by HLG makes us the Partner of Choice for any client exploring new market territories.

What we are

H L G & CO was incorporated in August 2012 by CA. Himanshu Gupta in Delhi NCR, India. The Vision of the firm is to provide Ethically Managed Personalised Services to every client with complete transparency. At HLG, we understand that every client’s objectives and requirements are unique and hence, provision of Customised Solutions is the mantra that we follow.

Recommend best solutions
Vast Experience
provide Holistic Solutions to our clients

To manage their businesses across regions and international territories. Following the Solutions Oriented approach at HLG, for us it’s about Actions and not only deliberations.

provide a One-Stop Shop to our clients

With our years of varied experience, we understand the hardships faced while entering market spaces. Therefore, it is our aim to facilitate a smooth entry and simplify operations.

Why Us?

 The associates of the firm come with a vast experience from multi-national audit and advisory firms like the Big 4. Under the leadership of CA. Himanshu Gupta, who comes with a vast experience in the consultancy & advisory domains of organisations like KPMG, Grant Thornton & Mazars, HLG witnesses its own growth continuously in direct proportion with its client’s growth.

Long-term Sustainability
Mutual Profitability