Our strength lies in our In-depth Understanding of businesses in close partnership with our Clients. Long-term Sustainability and Mutual Profitability are the basic guiding forces for us to engage in any transaction at HLG.
The success of a transaction for us is not based on short-term conclusion of a
deal. Rather it’s imperative that we follow “The Going Concern Assumption” while assisting in any corporate finance transaction.

• Mergers & Acquisition
• Investor/Information Memorandum preparation
• Strategic Partner search
• Negotiation Strategy Development
• Fund raising (Equity)
• Due Diligence
• Financial Modelling
• Financial & Organisational Structuring & Re-structuring
• Term sheet preparation assistance
• Debt syndication

Under TaS, our primary motive is to see that transactions are concluded
successfully. We realise that each successful conclusion would only lead to
HLG’s further involvement at a strategic level with such clients.